(Roget's IV) v.
1. [To impart, as information]
Syn. make known, convey, impart, inform, tell, express, advise, notify, acquaint, pass on, pass along, give, hand on, carry, transmit, transfer, write, send word, leave word, bestow, promulgate, broadcast, telecast, announce, state, sign, publish, print, publicize, advertise, divulge, disclose, reveal, enlighten, picture, telephone, phone, call in, telegraph, televise, radio, cable, fax, comment, instill, deliver, enunciate, bring word, get across, put across, emit, dictate, say, assert, apprise, utter, describe, enlighten, articulate, narrate, remark, hint, demonstrate, relate, recite, proclaim, insinuate, mention, give one to understand, call attention to, impress upon the mind, lay before, put into one's head, instruct, point out, blurt out, speak out, pour out, shout, come out with, observe, allege, pronounce, set forth, put forth, give voice to, drop a hint, signal, wigwag, tip*, let fall*, breathe*; see also declare 1 , notify 1 , report 1 , teach 1 , tell 1 .
Ant. conceal, censor*, keep secret.
2. [To be in communication]
Syn. be in touch, talk, correspond, have access to, reach, hear from, be within reach, be in correspondence with, be near, be close to, have the confidence of, associate with, commune with, be congenial with, establish contact with, maintain contact with, be in agreement with, confer, converse, confabulate, chat, convey thoughts, discourse together, speak together, deal with, have dealings with, relate, make contact, make advances, write, telephone, call up, fax, wire, cable, have interchange of thoughts, interact, interface, have a meeting of minds, find a common denominator; see also agree .
Ant. be out of touch, differ*, be removed from.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) v.
convey, transmit, disclose, impart, pass on, interface, reveal, touch base, tell, report, announce, proclaim, converse, express, correspond, inform, broadcast, enlighten, inform, relate.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) verb 1. To make known: break, carry, convey, disclose, get across, impart, pass, report, tell, transmit. See KNOWLEDGE. 2. To give expression to, as by gestures, facial aspects, or bodily posture: convey, display, express, manifest. See SHOW. 3. To put into words: articulate, convey, declare, express, say, state, talk, tell, utter1, vent, verbalize, vocalize, voice. Idiom: give tongue (or vent or voice) to. See WORDS. 4. To cause (a disease) to pass to another or others: carry, convey, give, pass, spread, transmit. See MOVE. 5. To interact with another or others in a meaningful fashion: connect, relate. Slang: click. Idioms: be on the same wavelength, hit it off. See CONNECT.

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